Massage Therapy in St Louis Park Minnesota

Massage St Louis Park MNPaul Morales is a licensed massage therapist graduating from Centerpoint School for Massage and Shiatsu in St. Louis Park, MN, he recently worked as a Massage Department Head at Lifetime Fitness.

Paul started massage about twenty years ago while working regularly on friends in pain. Even though he was not schooled initially, it turned into a great asset in that he was forced to use his intuition and develop a sense of pressure and knowledge of areas of the body to work. Focusing on the primary and associated areas of the pain is critical to the client. After working in an engineering sales position for many years he decided that he wanted to help people manage their pain. He understood that when people are in pain it not only affects them but those people around them. He decided to become certified as a massage therapist and change careers. Which many people are glad he did.

Swedish Massage Therapy

Swedish massage therapy is the kind that most people think of when massage is mentioned. Outside of English and Dutch speaking countries, it is know as classic massage. One of the main goals that comes from the Swedish massage approach is relaxation. For this to happen, the method calls for rubbing the muscles using long flowing strokes that move in the direction of blood traveling back to the heart. Swedish massage is advantageous in increasing the amount of oxygen in the blood. It also decreases muscle toxins, improves circulation and flexibility, and lessens tension.
Further Swedish massage methods involve circular pressure from the hands and palms.

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Resembling Swedish massage, Deep tissue massage also helps to relieve tension. However, the deeper compression is favorable for relieving chronic muscle tension.

Trigger Point Therapy

A tight area located in muscle tissue is called a trigger point, and this can cause other parts of the body to experience pain. If, for example, we were to work a trigger point in the back, it may relieve pains felt in the neck. The pain could then move and be felt in the head. There are varying levels of degree that the pain can be felt, from extremely intense and sharp to dull and nagging. With cycles of intermittent and isolated pressure, Trigger point massage therapy is meant to relieve the originator of the pain. It is possible to experience a considerable decrease in pain after only one treatment.

Geriatric Massage Therapy

Geriatric massage therapy was designed to focus the specific needs of an older population. This kind of massage for seniors uses light and gentle massage techniques. It can include passive stretching. Also, a light oil or lotion is often used so that muscles can be worked on without applying exorbitant friction to the skin. Oftentimes, these methods help improve blood circulation and combat depression. They can also improve balance and flexibility, while reducing the pain of arthritis and increasing joint mobility. Furthermore, they can improve posture and someone’s overall well-being.
Geriatric massage has also been found to relieve anxiety and supply comfort to elderly clients.
If you have a particular health condition, you should seek permission from your physician before proceeding with massage.

Prenatal Massage

A great accompaniment for prenatal care is massage therapy during pregnancy. Massage eases many of the typical discomforts that are usually experienced during pregnancy, including backaches, leg cramps, stiff neck, headaches and edema (or swelling).

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